Purvina Organic Black Peppercorns 100gm


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Pūrvīṇa 100% Pure Organically-Grown Peppercorns are earthy, flavoursome, fiery and healing. More than just a spice, the black peppercorns can enhance your digestion, treat ulcers, aid weight loss and give relief from cold and cough. When consumed with nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits, the black pepper can increase your body’s ability to absorb maximum nutrition. Organically grown in the slopes of the Western Ghats in Kerala, these beautifully aromatic peppercorns have a great amount of antioxidant properties that also promote skin and hair health.

  • Grind Pūrvīṇa’s all-natural peppercorns in your pepper mill and add the ground black pepper to your dishes to feel the difference.
  • Add a pinch of ground black pepper to enhance the taste factor of your pongal, stir-fried dishes, omelette, soups and rasam.
  • Add the black pepper to your turmeric milk to improve your immunity and gut health.
  • This product is made in India by sourcing directly from local farmers in Kerala.
  • When sealed and stored dry, the peppercorns can retain their flavour for up to 3 years!


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