Purvina Organic Banana Porridge Mix For Infants 300gm


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  • Product Code: Purvina Organic Banana Porridge Mix For Infants 300gm
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This banana product is freshly powdered from dried kannankaya wafers. The kannankaya is organically grown in rural Kerala and carefully nourished.

Porridge made out of this mix is a traditional, highly nutritious food that boasts of old-world wisdom. The porridge is recommended for children 6 months and above.


How to prepare porridge:

In a saucepan, mix one tablespoon of porridge mix with 100 ml water, milk or buttermilk. Bring the mixture to boil, while continuously stirring with a whisk, before adding a sweetener of your choice. Once fully cooked and taken off the stove, the mixture can be loosened with expressed breast milk or boiled water/ milk.


IMPORTANT: This product is not a substitute for breast milk.


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