Agriteque Natural Organic Honey 50gm



NATURAL HONEY ജൈവ വൻതേൻ (ഇടുക്കി)

(Glass Jar pack)


50 gms, 100 gms, 250 gms, 500 gms, 1000 gms




Agriteque Farm’s pure & Natural honey is produced by ensuring the highest quality & standards from the hills of Idukki, Kerala. Our modernized hygienic processing standards ensure optimum quality, in every drop of honey.

Agriteque Farm’s Pure & natural honey is guaranteed to meet or exceed FSS, BIS & the Agmark standards set by the government. We are dedicated to traceability and authenticity, from the hive to home.

Agriteque Farm’s pure & Natural honey has a light and creamy taste. It varies a little from batch to batch as the flowers change due to the year and season, but it tends to have a slight vanilla flavor with light tropical fruit flavors and a hint of wild flowers. Popular with most people and suitable for anyone due to its balanced and light taste.






o   Natural & freshly packed | Extracted in Idukki, Kerala.

o   Organically and naturally produced & extracted by natural means.

o   Harvested in farm where natural plants are grown organically. Pure and potent | Un-pasteurized, Non- GMO, unadulterated multifloral honey.

o   Simple-filtered to remove any dust/ stems/ debris post extraction.

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