• Brahmagiri Organic Product Wayanadan CTC DOP Ordinary Tea 100gm

Brahmagiri Organic Product Wayanadan CTC DOP Ordinary Tea 100gm


Wayanadan CTC DOP tea refers to a specific variety of tea that originates from the Wayanad district in Kerala, India. "CTC" stands for "Crush, Tear, Curl," which is a method of processing tea leaves that involves crushing, tearing, and curling them into small pellets. This method is commonly used in the production of black tea.

"DOP" stands for "Denomination of Origin Protected," which is a certification that guarantees the geographical origin of a product and its unique qualities associated with that specific region. In the case of Wayanadan CTC DOP tea, it signifies that the tea is produced in the Wayanad district according to specific standards that ensure its quality and authenticity.

Wayanad is known for its lush tea estates and favorable climate for tea cultivation. Tea from this region is often prized for its unique flavor profile, which can be influenced by factors such as soil composition, altitude, and climate conditions. As a result, Wayanadan CTC DOP tea is sought after by tea enthusiasts for its distinctive taste and quality.

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