• Edathanal Deshi Cow Ghee 250gm (Gir/Vechoor) 1Kg

Edathanal Deshi Cow Ghee 250gm (Gir/Vechoor) 1Kg


 Desi cow ghee, derived from the milk of indigenous Indian cows, has been valued in Ayurveda and traditional Indian practices for its numerous health benefits. Here are some of the key benefits of desi cow ghee:

Nutritional Benefits

  1. Rich in Nutrients: Desi cow ghee contains essential fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E, and K, and antioxidants, which are important for overall health.
  2. High in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): This fatty acid helps reduce body fat, improves immune function, and may have anti-cancer properties.

Health Benefits

  1. Aids Digestion: Ghee stimulates the secretion of stomach acids, helping with better digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is also known to help with constipation.
  2. Boosts Immunity: The antioxidants in desi cow ghee help in boosting the immune system.
  3. Improves Heart Health: When consumed in moderation, ghee can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels due to its balance of saturated fats.
  4. Enhances Brain Function: The healthy fats in ghee are beneficial for brain health, improving cognitive function and memory.
  5. Supports Weight Loss: CLA in ghee aids in weight management and helps reduce body fat.
  6. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Skin and Hair Benefits

  1. Promotes Healthy Skin: Ghee can be used as a moisturizer to nourish and hydrate the skin, making it soft and supple.
  2. Improves Hair Health: Applying ghee to the scalp can help in reducing dryness and improving the overall health of hair.
Other Benefits
  1. High Smoke Point: Ghee has a high smoke point, making it a stable cooking fat that doesn’t break down into harmful free radicals at high temperatures.
  2. Lactose-Free: Ghee is free of lactose and casein, making it suitable for those with dairy sensitivities.
  3. Ayurvedic Medicine: In Ayurveda, ghee is used for its healing properties and is an integral part of various treatments and dietary recommendations.

Culinary Uses

  1. Flavor Enhancer: Ghee adds a rich, nutty flavor to dishes and is commonly used in Indian cooking for tempering spices, making sweets, and frying.
  2. Preservative: Ghee can be stored for a long time without refrigeration due to its stable saturated bonds, which prevent it from spoiling easily.

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