The Aroma of Indian Kitchen


The Aroma of Indian Kitchen

Spices play many important roles in Indian cuisine. When speaking about the Traditional Indian Cuisines, the first thing that hit our memories is the aroma of the Indian kitchen. No one can think about an authentic Indian recipe without spices in it. Be it the Sambar or Fish curry of the south, Or a Shahi paneer or Murga Makhni of the north, our cuisine is seasoned with an abundance of love and spices. Not only are they delicious, but they are also rich in minerals and vitamins and have numerous health benefits. Can you recall that authentic taste of your mother's recipe? You can smell the freshly prepared curry now. Isn’t it? Where did that aroma come from? From the freshly grounded and roasted homemade spices! Yes - the word homemade - Everything that was made at home was simply too good to savour your taste buds. 

Time has changed everything and so has our kitchen ingredients. In our busy lives, no one has the time to buy whole spices and grind them. Many spice production companies have emerged with numerous varieties of spices. This has confused us about our needs and what to buy.  We blindly believe the competitive commercial advertisements and buy these products. Have you ever thought about the purity and grade of the ingredients they are using? 

Spices in Meat Masala

For a non-vegetarian food lover, meat is an inevitable part of their diet and so is meat masala. It's a unique combination of whole spices in a specific proportion. These spices not only make the dishes tasty, but they also make them healthy too.  The main ingredients of meat masala are cloves, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, peppercorn, cardamom and bay leaves.

Health Benefits of Spices:

        Metabolism booster: Spices are rich in phytonutrients and boost metabolism. Peppercorns help in metabolism as they are rich in minerals and it helps in improving the functioning of various organs.

        Digestion Booster: Spices stimulate appetite and boost digestion. It helps in the release of gastric juices into the stomach. Cloves and Cumins help to avoid indigestion and bay leaves help to avoid acidity. 

        Antioxidants: Spices are full of antioxidants and thus help in preventing skin diseases and fighting inflammation. 

        Fights Bloating: Spices have carminative properties that fight bloating.

        Fresh Breath: Cardamom and Cloves work as mouth fresheners eliminating any bad smells.


Meat Masala is considered a mixture of warm spices. Spices develop a warming effect inside our body which is believed to have many benefits from helping digestion to adjusting sleep. The specific benefits available for each masala depend on the exact spice contained in the blend. However, in general, they offer some standard health benefits such as cancer prevention, constipation treatment, and relief of cold and flu symptoms. But, only if that is a pure and hygienic blend. Nakshatra Homemade Meat Masala Powder is a perfect blend of pure spices in apt proportion with all the goodness of a homemade spice powder. Buy for a better cooking experience.