What snacks can ideally be considered healthy?


What snacks can ideally be considered healthy?

This Indian, especially Keralite giant fruit, has found its way to the menu of the vegan diet a long time ago. This fruit holds the title of the world’s largest tree bearing fruit and is the main ingredient of South India’s many healthier and yummier recipes. In recent years, there has been a popular growth in the use of jackfruit considering its abundant availability and nutritional values. This fruit can be called a “miracle food” undoubtedly as it provides so many nutrients and calories. Even the seeds of the fruit are enriched with protein, calcium and iron. The westerns have titled it “the plant meat” due to its unparalleled ability to mimic the meat texture. From crispy chips to juicy curries jackfruit occupies a major space in our dining table.

Nutritional Facts:

One cup i.e., 165 grams of sliced raw jackfruit provides the following nutrition’s as nutrition 

        Calories: 157

        Fat: 1.1g

        Sodium: 3.3mg

        Carbohydrates: 38.3g

        Fibre: 2.5g

        Sugars: 32g

        Protein: 2.8g

        Vitamin C: 22.6mg

        Potassium: 739mg


Healthy Benefits of Jackfruit:

There are several ways by which jackfruit benefits your health. Some of them are listed below:

        For blood pressure and heart health:  Potassium in Jackfruit regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.