What is healthy food?


Eating healthy is not all about increasing your lifespan. It is about improving the quality of your lifestyle as well. The very first word that comes to mind about healthy eating is 'homemade'. It ensures the physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of a human being. All lifestyle diseases have their roots associated with your eating habits.  As it says, when the diet is wrong, medicine is of no use and when the diet is correct medicine is of no use. It is a very hard truth that children are the most vulnerable victims of these unhealthy eating practices. And now it’s the time to make a change if you haven’t started it yet. We have made it easy for you!


Gooseberry - Honey Combo (Amla-Honey)

Amla is an Indian superfood that has got so many medicinal properties. Amla is abundant in vitamin C - about 20 times higher than oranges and 6 times higher than kiwis. It is excellent for boosting our immunity and it helps in keeping away cold, cough, respiratory problems and flu. It also has got so many cosmetic benefits - it keeps our skin radiant, ageless and reduces skin pigmentation. It is well known for preventing premature greying of our hair. If you are suffering from digestive problems and constipation, you must include amla in your diet because of its rich fibre content. It has mineral chromium in it which helps diabetic people in making their bodies more responsive to insulin and thereby stabilizing their blood sugar levels. And hence it is one of the most common ingredients used in ayurvedic medicines. 


Honey is also used as a medium for many ayurvedic medicines that have got their health benefits. 

        It is used as a common home remedy for cough

        Nourishes your skin and face

        helpful in weight loss

        acts as a natural sleeping aid

        Used for healing wounds

        Helps to prevent eczema


When these two Indian superfoods are mixed, it is not only super healthy - it is super tasty too. It improves the appetite and helps to gain a healthy weight. These two super foods can regulate the insulin levels in your body. Honey which is also a natural sweetener is very useful for people with low blood sugar levels. This is consumed in the winter and rainy seasons as it provides warmth to our bodies. It does not mean that you should not consume this in other seasons. It is also taken in winter as it helps in fighting the winter flu, cold and cough. This food has got efficient antibacterial and antiviral properties which are very prominent in this pandemic atmosphere.


In Nakshatra Homemade Gooseberry-Honey Combo we have combined these two superfoods which are in nutrients and packed with the goodness of homemade food. This extremely delicious combo savours your mouth and boosts your immune system as well. Build your cart now itself because we ‘crave and cart’ care for your health! Now, Happy Snacking at your doorstep!!