The Different Types of Lingerie


Whatever be the lingerie kind that you are looking for, there would be one that suits you perfectly. A lingerie should enhance your look and make you confident. Understand what kind you need to team with your clothes rightly and also what suits your body type and pick the lingerie that would make you the happiest


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Lingerie is very strangely and funnily is often spoken about in hushed tones as they are meant to be worn under clothing or in intimate situations.  As much as conversations around it is minimal, they are an inevitable part of all our lives.


In a store, virtual or otherwise, there is an entire line up that you get to make your pick from. Narrow down your lingerie options by going through the different types available to get a better idea of what you need and might want to wear. You'll have the right look no matter what else you're wearing if you wear the right lingerie.


 Lets take a look at the various types of Lingerie

Lingerie options today go way beyond the basics. There’s lingerie for every specific need and beyond. Be it the strapless bra for an off shoulder dress or a corset for your wedding gown or just a set of lingerie, there is one for everyone. Lets dive right in to understand what the different kinds of lingerie items are.


These types listed below go way beyond your regular set of panties and bras as they have utility beyond basic undergarments




A bralette is a bra with no structural elements at all. There is no padding or underwire. Bralettes can be worn under low-cut or revealing dresses and blouses, but they are most commonly paired with nightgowns and other lingerie. Lacy, see-through, or otherwise revealing designs are common in bralettes. Some bralettes have almost no structure at all and fit around the body like a tube top.


Sports Bra


Sports bras are designed to provide proper breast support when you're going to be moving around a lot and doing a lot of activity. Sports bras are one-piece garments that provide full coverage of the bustline.


  Body Suit

A bodysuit is perfect for enhancing your silhouette or give a good base layer under your clothing. This is a one-piece garment, also known as a teddy, that is cut in the style of a one-piece bathing suit. It is designed to cover the trunk of your body and is legless and sleeveless. Bodysuits can be made from spandex, satin, silk, nylon, or natural materials. Bodysuits are sometimes embellished with lace and other embellishments.



This one truly is a classic piece of lingerie. This is a top piece that supports and help push up the breasts and also covers the majority of the rest of the torso, ending around the belly button.



Otherwise called Camis, they are slips intended for the upper body. A camisole is similar to a short top with spaghetti straps that is generally worn underneath transparent or sheer blouses. Camisoles are typically made of light materials and maybe embellished with lace or ribbon.



Corsets have been there since centuries and was a staple under the gowns worn by women in the erstwhile era. They are supposed to cinch at your waist and enhance  your curves. It is advised to not lace your corset too tightly else it could cause pain.



Rompers arent really lingerie but more casual pajamas worn at home but when made out of sheer and tulle fabric will be categorised as intimate wear or lingerie.


Body Stockings

Because they come in so many different materials and styles, bodystockings are one of the most versatile types of lingerie. Bodystockings are basically very light coveralls. They have long legs and can be sleeved or sleeveless, as well as tank-style. Bodystockings are mostly found to be sheer, transparent, and stretchable as they're designed to fit snugly all over and hug your curves.



Another classic lingerie option is a negligee. This is a low-cut, lightweight nightie or nightgown that is often made in sheer, silk or lace trim. Negligees are designed to fit loosely, along your body's curves, and can be of any length, ranging from mid-thigh to full length. A negligee is also known as a babydoll.


Padded/ backless/Halter-neck/ Stick On Bras

These are all different options of bras that are made to suit the different kind of clothing that you choose to wear. Padded is the most common followed by the other kinds which are often worn underneath dresses or outfits with plunging necklines, backless or strappy dresses.


Materials used for lingerie

Lingerie is made from a variety of fabrics. Fabrics commonly used include nylon, cotton, polyester, satin, and silk. Mesh and tulle fabrics are also used quite often. Satin ribbon and lace are popular trim materials.


Choosing the Right Lingerie

Yes, indeed. There are many different types of lingerie available, and the options can be quite dazzling. Lingerie is designed to look beautiful and feel luxurious, so it's easy to fall in love with a variety of different styles. However, if you want to get the most out of your lingerie and love the way you look while wearing it, choose lingerie based on your body type. Pear shaped, apple shaped, broad or slender, there is one that fits your body type perfectly.


Wearing Lingerie

Lingerie is a personal preference and is something that can make someone feel good about oneself. The right lingerie under the right clothing enhances your image and boosts confidence. Slip into something that fits your body shape, and experiment with different lingerie looks and types. Begin with the proper lingerie, and everything else you choose to wear will feel and look more enhanced and gorgeous on you.


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