Agriteque Premium Quality Natural Cardamom 250gm


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NATURAL CARDAMOM (നാടൻ ഏലക്കായ)


50 gms, 100 gms, 250 gms, 500 gms, 1000 gms



Agriteque Organic Farm's Premium quality Cardamom has a warm, eucalyptus-like flavor, with lemon undertones. Cardamom is a sweet aromatic herb produced from the cardamom plant.

Highest quality cardamom berries are plucked when they are fully grown and then machine-dried to obtain uniformly dried Premium quality Cardamoms, which ultimately reaches your doorstep.






o   A brand of Agriteque- Unique & Natural- Committed to supporting organic and sustainable farming communities.

o   Intensely aromatic and richly flavorful | Hand selected for high flavor content.

o   Pure & Natural whole cardamom produced in Idukki, Kerala.

o   Unique & natural non-irradiated vegetarian product with its original distinct aroma hygienically packed fresh.

o   Made from Optimum quality decade old cardamom plants. Cardamom are sundried/ heat dried locally prior to packing.

o   Produced from the green, fully grown plump berries of the cardamom plant.

o   Naturally Healthy, Organically & environmentally safe | Vegan product.


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